Pricing embroideries


For embroidering we require the following information:

- Font name and the color to be used for embroidering. If there is no default font typeface - we deem it.

- Images must be sent as vector format / curves (cdr, ai, eps, pdf) and with the colors that are to be used in embroidering the graphics.

- Preparing the vector for our machine software is included in the price of embroidery.

- We can deliver your embroidery design in DST format for further replication with other parachute equipment manufacturers etc. We can also create curves of the jpg-file / other bitmap you send us.

- Additional fee of 30 Euros / h for graphics work.

1) Graphics 8cm x 5cm - 15 Euro

2) Graphics 15cm X 10cm - 20 Euro

3) Graphics 27cm x 15cm - 30 Euro

4) Graphics 27cm X 27cm - 45 Euro

Drafting DST format. for their own use - 50 Euro

Please provide the dimensions of rectangles housed in the project format. The size, colors and place of the logo should be well described in the provided text field of the order form.

This announcement is commercial and is not an offer within the meaning of Art. 66, § 1. The Civil Code. Seller is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies announcement. The prices listed on the site, not included 23% tax.


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