What is the price of printing?

1. 50% printed suit - 122 EUR 23% VAT excluded.
Price includes 1,5 hours of work from our graphic designer to prepare a design for printing. The total printed area of the suit is around 50 % or less.

2. Fully printed suit - 240 EUR 23% VAT excluded
- Price includes 3 hours of work from a graphic designer to prepare the design for printing. 
- The total printed area of the suit is from 70 % to 100%

How to start designing your own suit?

1. Send us your selected pictures and/or graphics files along with a description of the distribution of these graphics on the suit to describe your idea and vision. A simple hand-drawn drawing showing your idea can also be helpful.

2. Based on the files received from you, we will prepare a project and send you visualizations for approval.

3. After agreeing on all details and approving the design, we will start the production of your suit.

Note: Print files should be of best quality.

If you search for graphics via Google use the options: Tools> Size> Big Size
The better the file, the better the printout.

Preferred formats:
- vector files: eps, ai, cdr, pdf
- bitmap files: psd, tiff, jpg

Recommended websites for choosing vector files:

Just send us a link of the design you have chosen, and we will take care of it!

This announcement is commercial and is not an offer within the meaning of Art. 66, § 1. The Civil Code. Seller is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies announcement. The prices listed on the site, not included 23% tax.


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