Flying suits developed with athletes

Building a good flying suit is all about the little details - but it is also about passion. Our goal is to create modern windtunnel flying and skydiving gear with performance, innovation and comfort in mind.

Did you know that a right suit can help you to learn faster and be more precise in your flying? It can also create more speed or allow you to use your full spectrum of mobility. If you are looking to unlock new skills, getting ready for competing or just wanting to fully enjoy adventuring and playing with your friends, let us help you to reach your maximum potential.

All our suits are developed in close cooperation with the World’s leading athletes. We keep pushing to further improve our products to meet the varying needs of different kind of flyers from beginners to professionals.

We offer a wide range of gear for all freeflying and swooping purposes. Our suits combine cutting edge design with professional quality and exceptional attention to detail. 

Custom suits - Current production time is 6 weeks, ready for shipping

Standard size suits - Current production time is 3 weeks, ready for shipping

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Start from 190 EUR * 23% VAT and shipping excluded
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* The price for minimum order 100 pieces. Price depend from quantity.

This first-timer suit is a modern version of an all-around student suit and designed for both indoor skydiving and skydiving purposes. Its features are developed in close cooperation with Flyspot and their experienced flying instructors.

CRUX FT suit is made from Dorlastan to maximize the durability, comfort and fit. We’ve prepared over 30 different sizes that are manufactured by requestright here in our workshop in Warsaw - with the same quality as fully customized products.

The basic price includes printed front panel or side panels to make it easy to customize the suit to compliment your brand or needs. We will also add a small embroidery of your choice in the arm for the same price. Other features include: zipper on the back for added durability, sticky grips on shoulders and sticky tape on the legs to make the lives of the instructorsthat important bit easier.

The body and the sleeves are made to fit loose, and the suit comes with heavy Cordura side panels to enable the students to fly in lower speeds for safety and energy-saving purposes.

Production time is 6-8 weeks for bulk order depends on quantity. Contact us for more information and get a customized offer!


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