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We are so excited to finally introduce you our dream come true: the DEEM 420 JEANS!!!

These pants are the newest addition to our skydiving proof apparel collection: clothes you want to wear even when not flying! Just imagine good-looking, high-quality jeans made according to your measurements with the exact details you have chosen. Add your rig and skydiving gear and you are ready to hop on the plane any time! After the jump you can continue your day without even changing outfit.

420 JEANS are made of 2-way stretchy breathable fabric with 96 % cotton and 4 % elastane. The material is very resistant to wear & tear so they can also handle some swooping and skidding on the disco floor.

The fabric of the jeans is dark blue, but you can further customize them by choosing your favorite color for contrast stitching. The fit is either regular or tight, whichever you prefer. The standard model includes also a little hidden pocket on the waist for whatever you want to stash! You can also add more side pockets, lycra waist, knee pads or RDS pocket as extra options. And did we mention the model is unisex and can be modified to fit both male and female flyers?!

420Jeans deem

420 Jeans Options

  • Cordura Bum
    Cordura Bum
  • Elbow pads
    Elbow pads
  • Lycra waist inside pocket
    Lycra waist inside pocket
  • RDS Pocket
    RDS Pocket
  • Side Cargo pocket
    Side Cargo pocket
  • Side pocket
    Side pocket

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