DNA Project
495 EUR 23% VAT included
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One of the smoothest suits on the market designed for dynamic and freestyle flying both indoors and outdoors. Fit, fabric and technical design - all these elements make the suit stretch to a little extent, while maintaining the same air pressure on the entire surface. These qualities make it a perfect learning tool for flyers of any level.

This suit is made entirely from one material, Dorlastan. It’s thick, very soft and slightly elastic fabric (4% spandex). This fabric in combination with smart cutting - and thus only a few seams - leads to an almost perfect fit. Technically every single DNA Project suit is made from only 12 panels!

A special panel placed between shoulder blades eliminates material stretching and pulls the shoulders rearwards to enhance both body position and fitting. This suit is supposed to feel a little snug in the beginning, but it should adjust to your body after 1 -2 hours of flying.

You can also further adjust your suit with various options, and we can of course color-print on it however you like!

deem dna project v3

DNA Options

  • Arm cuff zipper
    Arm cuff zipper
  • Contrast stitching
    Contrast stitching
  • Diagonal zipper
    Diagonal zipper
  • Extra knee cut
    Extra knee cut
  • Hidden leg cuffs
    Hidden leg cuffs
  • Hood
  • Inner Pocket
    Inner Pocket
  • Elbow pads
    Elbow pads
  • Leg zipper
    Leg zipper
  • Thoub cuff
    Thoub cuff

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