570 EUR 23% VAT included
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This very light and responsive suit is made from 2-way stretching nylon and designed especially for indoor skydiving with disciplines like dynamic flying and VFS. The purpose of the material is to increase body control and shorten the reaction time.

RSX is a great option also for heavier people looking for a tighter, but responsive suit with a touch more drag.

This suit is only available in black color, but it’s FAST so we can compromise with the prettiness, right? It’s not possible to print on RSX fabric, but we can still customize it with your favorite embroidery.

Many different options allow you to adjust the suit to your needs and even add some color. You can for example choose your type of cuffs, zippers, hidden leg cuffs or lycra inserts.

This suit is supposed to feel a little snug in the beginning, but it should adjust to your body after 1 -2 hours of flying. The fabric used is not as strong as Dorlastan (used in DNA NG etc.), so we DO NOT recommend DNA RSX for skydiving.


DNA RSX Options

  • Arm cuff zipper
    Arm cuff zipper
  • Contrast stitching
    Contrast stitching
  • Diagonal zipper
    Diagonal zipper
  • Extra knee cut
    Extra knee cut
  • Hidden leg cuffs
    Hidden leg cuffs
  • Hood
  • Inner Pocket
    Inner Pocket
  • Leg zipper
    Leg zipper
  • Elbow pads
    Elbow pads
  • Thoub cuff
    Thoub cuff

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