379 EUR 23% VAT and shipping excluded
Pressing the "buy now" button is not the same as purchasing the suit. Play with colors, check the options and send the form via the website. We will contact you via the email provided on the form to complete the order.

We created this summer model exclusively for all of you DNA lovers out there!

Although “pyjama” is a very breathable fabric itself, sometimes it can be extra nice to feel the refreshing breeze on your legs and arms. Just imagine those hot summer days at the dropzone.

With all the good features of a DNA Project suit, but with shorter sleeves and legs, this suit is a perfect weapon for surviving even tropical conditions. Feel cool and comfortable wherever you fly – or while sitting in the plane.

This shorty comes with a nice set of options – and don’t forget that we can print on it whatever you want!

DNA short

instagram black 100

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