429 Euro 

,23% VAT and shipping excluded

Very light and responsive suit, made form 2-way stretchy nylon. Build especially for dynamic flying, to increase body control and shorten the reaction time.

Suggest for heavyweight people. This suit is don't have to be pretty, it has to fly fast.

So you can not print on that suit and suit is available in one black color.

The fabric is not strong as Dorlastan, so we do not recommend for skydiving. You can choose your type of cuffs, zippers, hidden leg cuffs or lycra insert and many different options it allows you to adjust suit to your needs. Suit suppose to be little too small on the beginning but it going to fit our body after 1-2h of flying.

DNa RSX knee pad DNA RSX Leg Lycra insert
DNA RSX Lycra insert


Main material. (dorlastan)
DNA RSX main material
One basic color available.
DNA RSX color
Suits coming with standard DEEM , DNA embroidery.
DNA RSX embroidery
Central or diagonal zipper
DNA RSX zipper
Collar ending by pin.
DNA RSX collar
Sleeves ending by lycra.
DNA RSX sleevs ending
Suit bag
DNA RSX suit bag
DNA RSX front


DNA RSX back
Knee pads
DNA RSX knee pads
Elbow pads
DNA RSX elbow pads
DNA RSX hood
Inner pocket
DNA RSX inner pocket
Hidden Cuffs
DNA RSX hidden leg cuffs
Contrast stiching
DNA RSX contrast stiching
Thumb cuff
DNA RSX thumb
Leg zipper
DNA RSX leg zipper
DNA RSX hood

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