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DNA is our latest design, which combines seemingly contradictory qualities. The assumption was to create a product aimed exclusively for dynamic and freestyle pro-flyers. The aim was to move away from the current canons of flywear design in order to achieve the greatest possible drag reduction to decrease instability and force the greatest possible control over the air. Our tests revealed that our suit, despite being difficult to fly, enforces correct technique with less advanced pilots and significantly speeds up learning progress.

Technically, every single DNA is made of only 12 panels. Thick, very soft and slightly elastic fabric (4% spandex) in combination with a small amount of stitching leads to an almost perfect fit. A special panel placed between shoulder blades eliminates material stretching and pulls the shoulders rearwards to enhance both – body position and fitting.

Fit, fabric and technical design - all these elements make the suit stretch to a little extent all over the body, while maintaining the same air pressure on the entire surface.

dna short 1


Main material. (dorlastan)
DNA SHORT main material
Five basic colors available.
DNA SHORT basic colors
Suits coming with standard DEEM , DNA embroidery.
DNA SHORT standard embroidery
Central or diagonal zipper
DNA SHORT zipper
Collar ending by pin.
DNA SHORT colar type
Suit bag
crank main material
dna short 3


dna short 2
Full printed suit
DNA SHORT full printed
Inner pocket
DNA SHORT inner pocket
Contrast stiching
DNA SHORT contrast stiching
Extra knee cut
DNA SHORT extra knee cut
dna short 4
dna short 5
dna short 6

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