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Finally, a standard-sized version of our most popular and advanced suit!

Fit, fabric, and technical design – all these elements make the suit stretch while maintaining the same air pressure on the entire surface. Versatile DNA PRO will enable you to fly your body without any extra drag or restriction. These qualities make this suit a perfect tool for learning and flyingat any level.

This suit is a great option if you need an affordable cutting-edge suit as fast as possible! We have prepared a variety of sizes to make sure you can find a good fit for your body shape. This kind of suit can also easily be ordered in a simple selection of sizes for renting and reselling purposes at your windtunnel.

DNA PRO suit made entirely from one material, Dorlastan: a thick, soft, durable, and slightly elastic fabric. As in all DNA suits, the body fit is supposed to be tight. Style-wise the design is unisex, fresh & simple with easily customizable side-panels. You can choose any color or print you like – or even spice up the suit with some mesh details for more feminine look!

This suit comes with our popular low stand-up collar fastened with a snap. The legs have hidden cuffs for added comfort and fit. You can further customize your suit with a selection of extra options.

Production time is 3 weeks. Contact us for more information and get a customized offer!

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DNA PRO Options

  • Contrast stitching
    Contrast stitching
  • Cordura Bum
    Cordura Bum
  • Hood
  • Inner Pocket
    Inner Pocket
  • Leg Grip
    Leg Grip
  • Shoulder Grip
    Shoulder Grip

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