210 Euro 

,23% VAT and shipping excluded


SWOOP PANTS are a reliable tool for canopy piloting enthusiasts. It does not matter whether you are an advanced pilot or not. SWOOP PANTS offer a wide range of customization to suit you hop'n'popping needs. Cordura reinforcements, long or short, RDS pocket.. what is your weapon of choice?


swoop pants front small
swoop pants side small
swoop pants front pocket


Main material Cordura Lite
crank main material
Cordura on knees
crank main material
Extra cordura on bum
crank main material
Legs end lycra
crank main material
Double outside pockets
crank main material
Inside material leyer
crank main material
Suit bag
crank main material
swoop pants back


swoop pants front
Long legs
RDS Pocket
crank main material
Removable foam on knees
crank main material

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